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Puppy Love

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Title: Title: Puppy Love
Studio: Badpuppy Enterprises Inc.
Run Time: 120
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Tyler Andrews, Caleb Jones, Alejandro, Douglas, Dayton O'Connor, Lex Sabre, Roman, Trent Diesel, Ralph, Jason Bastos, Guilherme, Stefano, Lee Stephens, Cameron Adams
Year Produced: 2011
Shipping Time: 3 to 5 Days
Shipped Package: No shell case, no cover art, actual DVD artwork below
Availability: United States and Canada
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 & 4:3 Full screen
Regional Encoding: None
MPS Code: bp-dvd-13

Description: There is nothing more enjoyable than hot young puppys in love! Watch Tyler, Caleb, Alejandro, Douglas, Dayton, Lex, Roman, Trent, Ralph, Jason, Guilherme, Stefano, Lee & Cameron in some of the hottest Puppy Love yet to come!

Scene 1 - Tyler Andrews & Caleb Jones
Tyler Andrews and Caleb Jones are two hot twinks. Tyler has done a solo shoot for us in the past and while it was great watching him plow Caleb was super hot! Both of these guys love to suck dick and Tyler gives Caleb a nice facial at the end. What a great couple of guys!

Scene 2 - Alejandro & Douglas
What can be said about Alejandro and Douglas except that they are hot, hot, hot! Douglas takes Alejandro's big dick like a champ and ends up covered in at by the end!

Scene 3 - Dayton O'Connor & Lex Sabre
Dayton O'Connor and Lex Sabre are two of the hottest twink porn stars out there today. Lex really let's Dayton have it, but you won't see Dayton complaining!! Dayton is an insatiable bottom and Lex has no problems keeping up.

Scene 4 - Roman & Trent Diesel
Hot, fucking, action. There really is no better way than that to describe these two beauties. Trent has been on ClubAmateurUSA and started his porn career around then. Here he gets plowed by hottie, Roman. These two suck and fuck and it's extremely hot to watch!

Scene 5 - Ralph & Jason Bastos
Ralph is so hot for Jason that he doesn't even wait for a blow job but dives right into Jason's hairy hole. Jason quickly turns and gives Ralph a hot, wet blow job before plopping himself down on Ralph's big cock. These are two hot men doing what hot men do best! The lust these two have for each other is palpable!

Scene 6 - Guilherme & Stefano
Guilherme is one hot top. Stefano is all over him then even rims him before bending over and taking all Guilherme can give. Two very hot guys! After all that hot fucking, in several positions, Stefano ends up on his back getting covered in cum! What a hot pair.

Scene 7 - Lee Stephens & Cameron Adams
Lee and Cameron are as hot as it gets! Bottom boy Cameron takes Lee's throbbing cock into his hungry manhole. These guys are two hot studs scorching up your screen!

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