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ClubAmateurUSA Vol 1

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Real, self-identifying STRAIGHT men exploring their natural Curiosities on video - most for their very first time!

Run Time:120

Audio:Live Sound

DVD Extras: Cum Shots, Slide ShowDirector: Chad BrockCast: Ari Sylvio, Scott Alexander, Jessie Alan, Bobby Knight, Braxton Bond, Jason Sparks, Marco Rodriguez, Brock Armstrong, Rusty Stevens, Troy Halston

Year Produced: 2009

Shipping Time: 3 to 5 days

Shipped Package: No shell case, no cover art, actual DVD artwork below.
Availability: United States and Canada

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 WIDE SCREEN

Regional Encoding: None

Ari Sylvio

Ari's sultry good looks are eclipsed only by his massive cock. And Chad couldn't wait to get his hands on this smokin' hot stud. He was a little nervous at first but soon found himself responding to Chad's explorations, arching his back as he gets his ass played with. By the end of the shoot, Ari was so turned on he couldn't control his body — as you'll see by the explosive orgasm that erupts from his cock.

Bobby Knight

Bobby is a hottie construction worker we found. Although maybe not the typical look for a construction worker, he's definitely a hard working man. Bobby had never had an erotic massage before; in fact, he'd never let a guy touch him sexually before. He definitely seemed ready for it though, as it didn't take much to get him naked. Bobby has a big ol dick, and boy does it respond to touch! In fact, he gets so into it, you can see him grabbing Chad's leg before he cums!

Braxton Bond

Braxton is no stranger to erotic massages, but is looking forward to what Chad can do for him. Braxton came to us from Los Angles where he enjoys all types of outdoor activities. You can tell that Braxton was a bit nervous at the beginning but not enough to be shy about stripping off his clothes so that we can get a good look at his naturally well maintained body, hot ass and beautiful tattoos, which he tells us about as he continues to undress. Braxton had told us that he liked to be touched all over, but you can see from his reaction to Chad’s kneading of his hot ass and fingering his sweet manhole to get it ready for what is to come.

Brock Armstrong

Well built Brock is a bouncer at a local straight stripper bar. He's had to throw out some rowdy people in his time, and needs a good rub for his aching muscles. Brock is a pretty good player. When he said he was totally straight, Chad called his bluff! He was so turned on by Chad's massage that he kissed back; we won't tell his buds!

Jason Sparks

Jason was down from Atlanta visiting his family when he approached us. While he is bi he only "experimented: with guys when out of town. He became VERY turned on during the massage and about halfway through couldn't keep his hands to himself. Chad doesn't ask for this, but in this case he didn't need to! Chad pulls out the dildo on this bi guy and he takes it like a champ. Chad actually has to slow down because of how hot Jason gets! We'll see how long he stays "Bi"!

Jessie Alan

Jessie comes to us from Tampa, Florida where he enjoys most outdoor activities. He likes to be tea-bagged and is looking forward to his first erotic message. Jessie has multiple tattoos in honor of his friends that have gone before him. Jessie has a naturally tight body and an impressively long uncut cock even when it’s just hanging between his leg in-front of his low hanging balls. Jessie moans with contentment as Chad works him over with his hands, mouth and tongue, but Jessie is still unsure if he should be enjoying that much pleasure from another man. Chad brings Jessie to the edge several times, but doesn’t allow him to go over. Jessie can’t take the edge play anymore and takes matters into his own hands while Chad works over Jessie’s nipple with his mouth. As Chad takes back over the handy work of Jessie’s cock, you can see that Jessie is allowing himself to enjoy the pleasures another man can provide. Then Chad finds Jessie’s g-spot when he starts to nibble on Jessie’s earlobe and the train just can’t be stopped at that point. The ending is impressive.

Marco Rodriguez

Marco is a hairy chested Brazilian; a man's man. He is the navigator of a large ship. You can definitely see that's been out to sea too long! Marco says he hasn't been with any other guys, but he told us in private that he's used toys. Well you certainly see how hot he gets when Chad brings out a big toy!

Rusty Stevens

Extremely well built Rusty is a personal trainer. He works out almost every day and damn does it show! This is his first erotic massage with oral fun. Rusty says he likes it soft and slow when having sex with girls. Wait until you see this guy cum! There's no way he goes soft and slow then!

Scott Alexander

Scott is a gorgeous specimen of manhood with his ropped muscles and dark comlexion. He has a massize cock, too! By the time I got around to playing with his chocolate rosebud, he was hard as a rock and ready for more. His body reacted to every touch and his cock was begging to be I did. Wait until you see his orgasm!

Troy Halston

Troy is a hot man from Denver, CO. He tells us he can be a sensitive romantic, or when he's really hot, be rough and ready! When Troy said he loved his ass played with, we knew we had a winner. Getting him on the table and being able to rub down those muscles was a dream come true! You can really see him respond when his ass gets played with. He wasn't lying about loving it. When you watch him cum, you can really picture him hammering away at a hole.

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