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ClubAmateurUSA Vol 3

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Studio: ClubAmateurUSA
Run Time: 120
Audio: Live Sound
DVD Extras: Cum Shots, Slide Show
Director: Chad Brock
Cast: Aiden Cole, Alex Rayne, Beau Kennedy, Bobby Rail, David Chase, Eddie Kordova, Micah Matthews, Nick Morretti, Shawn Lane, Tristan Sterling
Year Produced: 2010
Shipping Time: 3 to 5 days
Shipped Package: No shell case, no cover art, actual DVD artwork below
Availability: United States and Canada
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 WIDESCREEN Regional Encoding: None
MPS Code: causa-vol-3

Real, self-identifying STRAIGHT men exploring their natural Curiosities on video - most for their very first time!

Scene 1 - Nick Morretti (46) Curious Hunk
Porn superstar Nick Morretti stops by to get a massage from Chad Brock and gets the rimming of a lifetime.

Scene 2 - Eddie Kordova (34) Bisexual, really enjoys both sexes
Eddie was in Florida visiting family. He is™s from the Windy City and we have a feeling the wind is not the only thing that gets blown regularly up there!

He was out shooting some hoops when we approached him and was glad to try out a massage. Eddie told us later that he had fooled around with a a guy before but not like this.

Eddie is definitely bisexual, sexy and an absolute tiger in the sack. One glance from those beautiful eyes and you just start to melt. We really hope to see more of him in the future!

Scene 3 - Bobby Rail (28) Bisexual
We were so excited when Bobby Rail agreed to come back. Chad had really wanted to rub that Bi boy down. Bobby is looking better than ever. A few new tattoos and, if possible, an even more laid back personality he’s still one of our favorites. Bobby has done some other porn since his first appearance on CAUSA but we won’t hold that against him! Enjoy him on the table for a second time, and hopefully not the last!

Scene 4 - Adien Cole (23) Straight-Curious
We found Aiden when he was down here vacationing. He i€™s from the North Eastern part of the US and as soon as he opens his mouth that hot accent comes flying out. Aiden was definitely nervous, but our guest masseur Matthew Rush quickly eased him into things…and things into him! Aiden had messed around with guys before but wanted to try some toys. Matthew obliged happily, as you wi™ll see!

Scene 5 - Tristan Sterling (20) Straight & Open Minded
Tristan came down our way to take some time off and blow off some steam from his retail job up in Orlando where he likes to hang out with his friends at the movies, the mall or the beach.

Being in retail, Tristan is on his feet all the time and his lower back and gluts where tight, which Matthew very quickly determined and went to work on immediately with his fingers.

Coaxing Tristan to relax and enjoy the moment, Matthew introduces some toys into the experience and Tristan is able to relax enough and feels comfortable enough with Matthew to get into some man on man kissing. We think Tristan will be back for more some day, he really enjoyed his visit with us, as you will see!

Scene 6 - Alex Rayne (26) Gay & Bi-Curious
Alex was down from Pittsburgh on vacation when we ran into him. He is a bartender and a gymnast. He had mentioned that he was really into ass play, so of course Chad was all over that! Wait until you see Alex"€™s reaction to the dildo, this guy canno€™t get enough! For his first massage ever we think he’ll be back for more anytime. Some serious edging and an explosive cum shot, this guy has it all

Scene 7 - Mica Matthews (35) Straight & Open-Minded
Micah was back in town again and remembered what a good time he had doing a shoot for Badpuppy. We asked him if he’d had an erotic massage before and he had not. We introduced him to Chad and the rest is history! Micah said that he liked his butt played with, well wait until you hear him moan when Chad uses his tongue! We just love watching this guy cum and hope he comes back again.

Scene 8 - Shawn Lane (25) Straight, but Experienced
Shawn has worked for a couple of other studios but only once did he really have anything done to him, and not like this. Chad was pretty gentle with him and that helped. Shawn really enjoyed it, he had no™t been pampered like this by a guy before. We think we’ll see him again.

Scene 9 - David Chase (34) Bi
David Chase is back and looking better than ever! Since appearing last time he has done quite a bit of porn work and some great work on his body. He contacted us because of all the stuff he ha€™s done on and off film since his last appearance he’s never had an experience that matched Chad€™s massage! He i€™s back and better than ever!

Scene 10 - Beau Kennedy (21) Bi
Beau is a hottie that approached us about working with us. He’s had limited experience with guys but the idea of kind of being serviced by one was very hot to him. Chad really got into this twinkish guy and they both had a blast!

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