Jirka Maly and Milos Zambo

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William Higgins on Badpuppy with Jirka Maly and Milos Zambo: 19-year-old Jirka Maly and 19-year-old Milos Zambo, both come to us from the Czech Republic. They just returned from the theatre, where they will both be appearing in a theatrical production. As soon as they walk in the door, they are all over each other. They begin undressing and Jirka has his way with Milo’s nipple, while they both stroke each other’s uncut cocks. Jirka drops to his knees and begins sucking and licking Milos’s huge thick tool, which is wrapped in nylon rope. Milos shoves it in and out of Jirka's mouth. Both of their cocks are strapped together, as they push their cocks in and out of the rope. Jirka is bent over forward, while Milos licks and rims his hole. No time is wasted, and Milos puts on a condom and begins plowing Jirka from behind. Milos picks up Jirka and bounces him up and down on his hard rod. After changing positions many times, Jirka lets his load go first, while sitting on Milos. Jirka sucks and strokes Milos, until he blows cum all over Milos abs!