Andy, Jack, and Manu

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Jawked on Badpuppy with Manu Cobre, Jack Allen, and Andy Stevens: Jack and Andy arrive to find young Manu lounging around on the bed with his ass exposed, and if that's not an invitation for a couple of horny young men like them, I don't know what is. Whatever the young man had planned for the evening is soon forgotten when the two team up to play with him, their cocks quickly in his hands and mouth while he services his buddies. Their inches are rigid and wet while Manu licks and sucks and wanks his pals, clearly addicted to their leaking erections. While Manu gags on the impressive jock dick of sexy Andy his pal Jack is licking out his hole, it's clear this boy is about to take a good banging from both, and it seems Manu is more than ready for it. Jack is indeed the first to fill their greedy fuck-toy, with the spit-roasting soon leading to Andy wanting a feel of that welcoming hole wrapped snugly around his dong. The two jock tops swap and Manu is in heaven, enjoying the feast his pals are happy to offer, using him between them and taking turns until their semen can't be held back any longer. Manu gets plenty of cum splashed over his well-used body in the final moments, and you know his buddies will be back for more within days.