Michael Rogue and Danny Lopez

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Gavin Lowe on Badpuppy with Michael Rogue and Danny Lopez: 21-year-old Michael Rogue is from Los Angeles, CA and is a Go-Go Dancer. His 32-year-old boyfriend Danny Lopez, comes to us from Hollywood Hills, CA. They are celebrating their 1st Anniversary together, with a toast of Champagne and quickly move on to bigger and better things. They begin kissing and stroking each other's bodies. Danny loses his blue jeans down to his jock strap and Michael sucks his cock, while squeezing and licking his balls. Michael kneels above Danny's face and Danny gets his face fucked, while Michael pushes his uncut cock in and out of his mouth. Danny now on all fours, while Michael sucks and rims his ass, getting it good and wet for what is to come. Michael begins ramming his cock in and out of Danny's tight ass, prior to his sitting back and Danny mounting his dick while getting fucked hard and fast. On his back now, Danny releases a huge squirting load. Michael pulls out, and cum splatters all over Danny's stomach and chest!