Alex Vens and Max Royse

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Jawked on Badpuppy with Alex Vens and Max Royse: Blond young hunk Max Royse is enjoying a little workout when Alex Vens arrives to watch. It's no wonder he has some Jawked fun on his mind watching this sexy young buff buddy working his body like that and with some friendly massaging he's soon distracted the boy out of his shorts. It doesn't take a lot to get Max down to his bulging briefs, he's always horny and looking for some good relief, thanks to all that testosterone. In no time Alex has focused on what he really wants. Max's bulging jock cock is so delicious Alex is making the most of it in his mouth, slurping his swollen glans and wanking his shaft, savoring the taste of his buddy's dong. The feeling is most certainly mutual when his gym buddy gets his chance to return the favor. Alex has a gorgeous boner of his own for his friend to lick and suckle and with some appropriately returned sucks the two are ready for the main event. It was clear Alex was craving that cock in his hole and with a little massaging of his meaty rump jock boy Max is stuffing his naked cock into his pucker, pumping him from behind. All his working out has definitely paid off, he has the stamina and power needed to deliver a great fuck for his bottom buddy, jabbing him in a spooning position and finishing up with Alex on his back, his semen spurting over his own tight body. The only thing left is for Max to get his gym cum load gushing, appropriately splashed all over his pal's chest.