Skyler Snow and Draven Torres

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Edward Scott on Badpuppy with Skyler Snow and Draven Torres: Skyler has been a member favorite for quite a while, and we wanted more. So did Skyler, but he wanted more done to him, and Draven received the honors! Starting with a massage, Draven moves onto rimming Skyler's tight manhole. Afterward, Draven adjusts his position and slide his rock-hard cock inside Skyler's primed ass. Skyler moans as Draven quickly and repeatedly pounds into Skyler. Next, Draven sucks Skyler's long, hard cock getting it ready for Draven to sit down on. Draven rides Skyler's big dick, and then in another flip-flop, Draven plows Skyler's hot ass like there is no tomorrow. After one more flip-flop, Draven spews jizz all over his own chest, and Skyler pulls out and shoots all over Draven's chest, as well. What a hot flip-flop-fuck session!