Alan and Curtis

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Curtis Cameron pulls out his laptop intent on getting in a little wank-time while he's got the apartment to himself. Finding what he wants, he lays back on the sofa, unzips his pant and pulls out his already aroused cock. Curtis grabs ahold of his long, uncut dick and begins jacking it. He's getting a good stride going when in walks Alan Davis, totally catching Curtis off-guard. Alan takes it all in stride as he walks over and sits down on the sofa right next to Curtis. Alan leans over and replaces Curtis' hands with his own mouth. Curtis just lies back and lets Alan's mouth and tongue work their magic on his cock and balls. They pause long enough to strip out of their clothes before Alan crawls in behind Curtis. Curtis lifts his leg, exposing his tight, furry hole and Alan wastes no time filling it with his own thick piece of meat. The passion heats up quickly as these two young studs work their way all over the sofa. Curtis goes from riding Alan's big ole schlong to being on his back, legs spread wide and Alan banging his ass so hard it sends Curtis over the edge. Alan hits that special spot deep inside Curtis and Curtis's cock can't hold back. It starts squirting loads of creamy white cum coating his tummy and crotch. Alan pulls out and deposits an equal amount of jizz on top of Curtis. I'm not sure; but I think Alan manages to squirt Curtis in the face.