Alejandro and Matias

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As we join Matias Machado and Alejandro Pineda, Matias is balls deep into Alejandro’s face; shoving his thick cock in and out of Alejandro’s mouth; but, that does not last long as these two studs heat up very quickly. Matias lies back on the bed; Alejandro straddles his thick, bare cock and sits down; shoving it deep into his hole. As he leans forward, Matias gets into the rhythm of fucking his obviously tight hole. Matias goes from pounding Alejandro’s ass while he’s kneeling on the bed to having him lying on his back with his legs in the air. As the pounding continues Matias gets WAY excited and shoots his load a little prematurely; but, we’ll forgive him for that. He moves up to where his cum dripping cock is easily accessible to Alejandro’s mouth and as Alejandro jacks his cock he sucks the remaining jizz from Matias’ cock. With his ass ready for more, Matias pulls Alejandro to his knees, shoves his cock back into Alejandro’s waiting hole and the pounding continues. This time when Matias is ready to shoot, he moves around so that when he starts squirting; Alejandro is there to lick and up anything that escapes Matias’ cock.