Alex and Alex

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Hunky brunette Alex Vens returns as our masseur, intent on relieving cute blond twink, Alex Blade of the tightness in his muscles! Since both models have the same first name, for purposes of this bio they will be referred to by their first name and last initial, Alex V and Alex B. Alex B lies down on the bed as Alex V warms up his hands on Alex B's back. Alex V slips off Alex B's underwear, grabs the bottle of massage oil and applies a generous amount to Alex B's back and ass. As Alex V's hands work their way down Alex B's back, Alex B lifts his ass, making it easier for Alex V's fingers to reach his tight hole. Alex V applies a bit more oil to Alex B's legs and feet. He slowly massages each of Alex B's feet, stopping to focus on each toe. Alex B moans with pleasure. Alex B lifts his backside for some more in-depth asshole-work and as he's reaching down, Alex V discovers Alex B has a raging boner. As one set of fingers teases Alex B's hole the other slowly jacks Alex B's thick, uncut dick. Alex B rolls over; his rock-hard cock is standing straight up and just begging for attention. Alex V leans over and kisses Alex B while he slowly jacks Alex B's cock. Alex V flips around on the bed and begins teasing Alex B's cock with his tongue. Before long he's swallowed the entire length and goes about orally pleasuring Alex B. Alex B is obviously enjoying the attention as he moans and gyrates slowly on the bed. Alex B is getting close to losing it so Alex V kneels beside him and starts jacking Alex B's cock hard and fast while tweaking Alex B's nipples. One intense tweak to his nipple and Alex B goes over the edge. His cock squirts thick globs of creamy jizz all over his ripped abs and as he settles back with a relieved look on his face Alex V continues to squeeze every last drop of cum out of Alex B's spent cock.