Alex and Randall

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Alex Morgan is selling his computer and Randall White stops by to take a look at it; but, halfway thru Alex’s demonstration they both become extremely distracted. Alex looks back and sees Randall sitting on his bed. Alex gets up, walks over to the bed and motions for Randal to lie back. He loosens Randal’s shorts, pulls out his cock and very quickly sucks up his thick, uncut cock and gives it an intense blow job. Alex slips out of his shorts; and, after a brief cock sucking from Randal, Alex mounts Randal’s pre-lubed dick. He sits down quickly and then begins bouncing up and down. His own cock is also rock-hard and without Alex touching it, it is standing straight up and bouncing with every thrust of Randall’s hot cock. Alex rolls over on the bed and with Randall standing behind him, Randall shoves his cock back into Alex’s hole; continuing to work it over. As Randall begins fucking Alex harder, he pushes Alex’s legs back and Alex jacks his cock even faster. Randall is quickly over the edge. He pulls his cock out of Alex’s hole and sprays a thick load of cum all over Alex’s balls and ass. Almost spent, Randall lies down on the bed and Alex moves up to lick the cum off of his cock. As he sucks the last remaining jizz from Randall’s dick Alex blows his own messy load all over himself, coating his chest and abs.