Alex and Travis

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Travis Green is in need of some relief and Alex Hofer is ready to provide. Alex helps Travis out of his shirt and begins gently rubbing Travis’ shoulders and neck. Travis rolls over on the bed facing down. Alex grabs some massage oil and applies a generous helping to Travis’ back. He works the oil deep into Travis’ muscles before his hands slide down to remove Travis’ underwear. Alex applies some more oil to Travis’ plump ass and gives those melons a deep tissue massage. He exposes Travis’ tight, furry hole, teasing it ever so slightly before working his way down to Travis’ feet where he spends a lot of time focusing on Travis’ toes. Alex has Travis roll over only to expose Travis lying there with a rock-hard penis standing straight up and apparently also needing some relief. Alex applies some more oil and begins rubbing it into Travis’ cock and balls. Alex teases with Travis’ cock head as he jerks it. One of his hands starts rubbing Travis’ chest and tweaking his nipples while his other hand expertly jacks Travis’ cock harder and faster. Travis is now breathing deep; his body grows almost rigid and the moans coming out of his mouth preface his cock exploding in a creamy white relief all over his tummy.