Alexis and Martin

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Alexis Tivoli walks in to find hunky Martin Hovor patiently waiting for Alexis; sitting on the window sill. Alexis grabs Martin by the hand and pulls him over to the sofa. The two quickly start stripping each other out of their clothes as they shove their tongues down each other’s throats. Martin’s cock is already rock hard and ready for some attention as Alexis slides his pants and underwear to the floor. Alexis is ready and willing to provide that attention as he swallows Martin’s dick right down to his nuts. Alexis lies back on the sofa and Martin returns the blowjob; sucking up every inch of Alexis’ thick piece of meat. Before Martin shoves his cock into Alexis’ ass, he does a little face fucking first, getting both of these young, hung studs in the mood. Martin sits down on the sofa and Alexis crawls on top. Martin’s cock, still rock hard, is sticking straight up in the air and Alexis mounts it; sitting all the way down. He rides Martin’s cock for quite a while; until Alexis lies back on the sofa, legs spread in the air with Martin ponding away at his tight, hot ass. Martin continues the fucking and Alexis continues jerking his cock until he just can’t take it anymore. As his nuts tighten Alexis squirt his load of cum all over his tummy and chest, the extra dripping off onto the sofa. Martin; ready to get off himself, jumps up and blows his load all over Alexis’ face and mouth.