Alvin with Melkis

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We find Latin stud Alvin Rene laying on the sofa stroking his cock when Melkis Paulo walks in offering to take over and service Alvin properly. Melkis swallows Alvin’s thick, uncut dick which is already rock-hard. Alvin slips out of his shirt, grabs his nipples with both hands and squeezes hard as he face-fucks Melkis’ mouth. Melkis drops to his knees and begins deep throating Alvin’s cock. Alvin quickly gets into the action as he gyrates on the sofa, shoving his manhood deep into Melkis’ throat. Alvin settles back on the sofa thoroughly enjoying the attention being lavished on his cock. Melkis starts tweaking Alvin’s nipple while he continues jacking his cock and Alvin becomes overstimulated very quickly. His nuts tighten and with a deep moan he blows a thick load of jizz into Melkis’ mouth. Not wishing to waste a single drop, Melkis licks Alvin’s cock clean as the remnants of cum drip onto his crotch.