Andro and Hunter

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Hunky Andro Maas and Hunter Styles have both appeared on Badpuppy before; but, they have always wanted to hook up and now that they have the chance to do it on camera, it’s all the better. Their kissing starts off deep and sensual. Neither makes a move to take of any clothes. They are totally focused on their two tongues probing each other’s mouths. As they lay back on the sofa, Andro starts rubbing Hunter’s cock, pulls up his shirt and begins biting at Hunter’s nipple ring. As Hunter pulls of his shirt, Andro pulls down Hunter’s shorts and low and behold; Hunter’s cock is rock hard and sticking out the top of his underwear. Andro pulls out Hunter’s cock and swallows every bit of it. Andro pulls Hunter to his feet where he kneels down and begins servicing Hunter’s thick rod. Wanting to return the favor, Hunter gets Andro to stand up and he kneels down in front of a thick bulge growing in Andro’s underwear. Pulling Andro’s underwear off provides Hunter with a long, thick, uncut cock staring him in the face. He gulps down every single inch before he bends Hunter over the sofa. After getting Hunter’s ass ready with some deep tongue action, Andro stands and pushes his cock deep into Hunter’s hole. Andro goes about fucking the shit out of Hunter; his balls slapping up against Hunter with each thrust. Hunter finally can’t take the pounding anymore. Andro has stimulated Hunter’s prostate and he’s ready to blow. The two sit side by side on the sofa; finish off the job with Andro squirting his thick load of cum all over his chest and stomach. Hunter’s still jerking and the site of Andro getting his nut has Hunter spraying jizz all over the place. Of course Andro has to come in for a taste of Hunter’s yummy cream.