Andy and Steven

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Steven Angel needs a massage and Andy Stivens is more than willing to assist. Steven turns his back to Andy and Andy begins rubbing Steven's shoulders. Andy reaches down and pulls Steven's shirt off revealing his chiseled chest and abs. Andy strips off his own shirt and continues massaging Steven's pecs. They both strip down to their underwear, Steven lays face down on the sofa and Andy reaches for the massage oil. Andy pours the oil in his hands, warming it before applying it to Steven's back. He works his way down to Steven's underwear and gently slips them off. Andy returns to the massage but when his fingers find Steven's hole, he can't resist. He plunges his face and tongue deep into Steven's ass. Andy's getting quite turned on as he works on Steven as evidenced by the bulge in his underwear. Steven rolls over and Andy continues the rub-down. Working his way down Steven's chest and abs, Andy stops for a taste of Steven's thick, uncut cock which is plumping from all the attention. As Andy continues the massage Steven begins using his feet to play with Andy's dick which is still confined by his underwear. Andy attempts to focus on Steven's cock, going between jerking it slowly and using his tongue to draw moans of satisfaction out of Steven's mouth. Steven pulls his legs back allowing plenty of room for Andy to tongue his hole while Andy continues jacking his cock. Steven moans and wiggles around as Andy jerks faster. Andy pulls at Steven's nuts and this sends Steven over the edge. His entire body tightens as he blows a thick load of creamy jizz, coating Andy's hand and his own crotch. Completely relieved, Steven relaxes back into the sofa as Andy slowly rubs Steven's cum up and down his shaft.