Anthony and Scott

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Anthony Naylor meets up with hunky stud Scott West and the attraction is immediate. Anthony leans over on the sofa where they start kissing deeply and passionately. The two of them stand beside the sofa; slowly stripping each other out of their clothes as they remain lip-locked. Anthony is the first on his knees. He frees Scott’s big, uncut cock from his underwear and sucks the entire length down his throat. While Anthony continues to suck and gag on Scott’s cock he pulls his from his jeans and starts jerking his own piece of meat. Scott pushes his jeans down, motions for Anthony to get up on the sofa where he begins expertly working Anthony’s rock-hard cock with his mouth and tongue. As the passion escalates, Anthony pulls his legs back exposing his ass-hole to Scott; who eagerly dives in shoving his tongue just as far in as he possibly can. With Anthony’s hole primed and ready, Scott stands and slowly pushes his cock deep inside Anthony. Scott begins to rock back and forth and Anthony jacks his dick in rhythm with the motion of Scott fucking his ass. Ready to switch things up a bit, Scott pulls out of Anthony and bends over the sofa. Anthony takes the cue and drives his tongue into Scott’s sweet hole, getting it ready for his cock. Now standing behind Scott, Anthony drives his cock all the way up Scott’s hole and then the ass-pounding begins. Our two studs go at it hot and furious until Scott is ready to bust. Anthony kneels on the floor and Scott dumps a thick, juicy load of cum all over Anthony’s face, mouth and tongue. When Scott finishes, Anthony wastes no time licking Scott’s cock clean. Anthony continues jacking his cock; and, while still sucking on Scott’s dick, Anthony squirts his own load all over himself making quite the mess.