Argos and Finn

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Finn Daniels cannot keep his hands off his crotch or Argos Santini during the entire interview and when finished our two hairy hunks strip off their underwear where both of them are sporting raging hard-ons. Finn lies back on the sofa while Argos bends over and woofs down Finn's dick. Finn grabs the back of Argos' head and begins pushing it up and down forcing Argos' face into his furry crotch. Finn reaches over and starts stroking Argos' cock which begins plumping in his hand. Argos stands up and Finn drops to his knees eager to please as he sucks down Argos' long, thick cock. Argos is soon rocking back and forth face-fucking Finn's mouth. Ready for more Finn turns around, bends over the sofa with his ass stuck up in the air. Argos drops to his knees and buries his face in Finn's ass and starts working his tongue in and out of Finn's hole priming it for his thick piece of meat. Argos stands up and slowly pushes his dick deep into Finn's ass. It takes Finn a few minutes to get used to the size of Argos' cock but when he's nice and loose Argos begins fucking harder and faster. Finn grabs for his own cock, jacking it while Argos continues stretching out his hole. Argos pulls out, sits down on the sofa and Finn straddles Argos plopping himself right down on his cock. Finn is soon riding Argos' cock with Argos pumping feverishly from below. The two are soon on the floor with Finn's legs pulled back. Argos resumes the ass-pounding he's giving Finn which soon drives Finn over the edge. Finn loses it, spewing a thick stream of creamy cum all over his furry crotch. Argos pulls out and coats Finn's cock and balls with a healthy load of jizz before falling on top of Finn where they passionately kiss as the camera fades to black.