Bjorn and Alex

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Alex Morgan pulls Bjorn Nykvist away from the cold window and they both fall onto the bed. The two begin kissing and soon the clothes come off. Bjorn makes a move for Alex’s rock-hard, uncut cock. He swallows the entire thing and proceeds to give Alex’s cock a thorough tongue bath. Alex pulls his legs back and Bjorn starts teasing Alex’s hole with his tongue. Alex reaches for the bulge in Bjorn’s shorts and is quick to help Bjorn out of his clothes. He goes down on Bjorn’s long, thick cock in between jerking his own dick and leaning up to kiss Bjorn. Alex, wanting more, turns his ass to Bjorn and Bjorn slowly pushes his thick piece of meat deep into Alex’s waiting hole. Once Alex get’s used to Bjorn’s size, Bjorn begins fucking him hard and fast. The ass-pounding continues with Alex flipping over on the bed and throwing his legs up in the air. The intensity grows the longer these two hot young men go at it. Alex grabs his cock and starts jacking it as he gets close. Bjorn drives his cock deeper and when he hits the right spot Alex blows a thick, messy load of cum all over his abs and chest. Bjorn pulls out, moves up near Alex’s head and proceeds to deposit a healthy amount of jizz into Alex’s mouth.