BONUS - Beno and Josh

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BONUS SCENE with Beno Eker and Josh Cavalin: I've been checking out my teammate, Josh, ever since we started training for the new year of track at school. I hadn't seen him for a while and forgot how cute he was. Well, now I think he's been checking me out too. While I was smoking a cigarette in the abandoned building, Josh popped up out of nowhere. He started touching himself, so I motioned for him to follow me. When Josh did, I pulled him close, kissed his lips, and then made him suck my cock. He looked up at me while my dick was in his mouth, and I knew he wanted more. I sucked his dick a little, but then it was time for him to take my cock. He grabbed the wall, and I slipped inside. I fucked his tight hole all over the cement staircase. The idea of someone walking in and catching us turned us on even more. I felt his hole gripping my shaft, and I could tell he was about to cum. He shot on his belly, and I sprayed my load all over him. Then I smoked another cig. That was fun.