BONUS - Luke and Taylor

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BONUS SCENE with Luke Geer and Taylor Mason: It’s all fun and games until your ass is getting fucked. Well, that’s what I thought when Luke put the gloves on my hands. We were in a training session to prepare for the new boxing season, and Luke guided my hands while throwing some punches, but then his hands found their way down my body and to my cock. I’ve only dreamed of this happening, but there we were. We started kissing, and then I was on my knees, taking his hard cock into my mouth. It tasted better than I imagined it would. It was only my second time ever sucking a dick, but I treated it as if I’d been doing it forever. Then he took my shorts off and sucked on my dick. He knew what he was doing, and my cock appreciated it. But him fucking me was what I really wanted, and he wasn’t afraid to give it to me. He wrecked my hole until all our nuts were covering my stomach. Can't wait till our next session.