Camilo and Javier

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Camilo Bello is chilling on the bed, but Javier Ivan has other ideas. Javier grabs ahold of Camilo's underwear, pulls them down, exposing Camilo's tight, sweet ass. Javier buries his tongue deep into Camilo's hole. Camilo strips off his clothes and kneels with his ass in the air. Javier dives back in face-first and the tongue-fucking has Camilo squirming on the bed. Javier realizes Camilo is highly aroused when Camilo rolls over and his rock-hard cock is bouncing right there in front of his face as if begging for attention. Javier gladly goes between servicing Camilo's cock and ass. All the while Camilo is getting more and more aroused. Camilo has Javier lie down in front of him on the bed. His thick, Latin cock finds its way to Javier's hole and Camilo slowly pushes it in. Javier heats up quickly and Camilo begins pounding hard and fast. Javier moans with every thrust of Camilo's cock. Javier rolls Camilo over on the bed and he crawls on top. He grabs Camilo's cock and directs it towards his hole. Once inserted Javier begins bouncing up and down enjoying every inch of Camilo's manhood. Javier wants more, he lies back on the bed, pulls his legs back and once Camilo thrusts his cock back in the power-fucking resumes. Javier's tight ass sends Camilo over the top but, before he loses it, Camilo pulls out and squirts a thick load of jizz all over Javier's cock and balls. Javier's cock goes perfectly stiff immediately. He grabs ahold of his cum-soaked cock and jerks himself off with Camilo's cum. Javier finally succumbs to all the arousal as his cock dumps a load of jizz all over his tummy. Completely exhausted, Camilo lies down on top of a very cum-soaked Javier and the two passionately kiss as the camera fades to black.