Casey and Pierce

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Our latest video features Casey Everett returning with new comer, horse-hung Pierce Paris. From the very beginning of the video as Casey and Pierce strip each other out of their cloths it’s quite apparent that Casey is very into Pierce. Casey kneels in front of Pierce, kissing his way down Pierce’s incredible abs before he unzips his jeans and slides them to the floor. It was at that point we could tell that Pierce had something special hidden in his shorts and when Casey pulls off Pierce’s underwear he’s met with a cock that would make just about anyone cringe thinking of it ramming up their ass. Casey swallows it whole, gagging periodically as it hits the back of his throat; but, he persists none the less. Pierce spins Casey around, bends him over the sofa and shoves his tongue deep into Casey’s asshole, priming it for the huge tool he’s about to shove in it. Slowly at first, Pierce pushes his cock deep into Casey’s ass and when Casey is used to the size, Pierce begins rocking back and forth, pounding harder and faster. Pierce fucks the shit out of Casey whose own cock is rock hard from the ass spreading Pierce is delivering to his backside. The pounding continues in many positions until these two hot studs cannot take it anymore. Now this is where I need to tell you there was a wee problem with the camera and we missed Casey’s cumshot because he just could not hold it back with Pierce continuing to pound. Pierce; however, makes up for it when he pulls that thick, long cock of his out of Casey’s ass and blows thick loads of juicy cum all over Casey’s face and mouth. Casey wastes no time licking up the jizzy mess and makes sure to clean off every drop from Pierce’s cock.