Cesar and Scott

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Cesar Rossi leans over and Scott Demarco shoves his tongue right into Cesar’s mouth. Our two hot studs quickly rip off their shirts as their hands explore each other’s crotch. Both of them are rock-hard by the time their shorts come off and Scott goes right for Cesar’s dick. He grabs his cock and starts jacking it while he’s giving Cesar a blowjob. Cesar is visibly enjoying getting his dick sucked; but he wants some of Scott’s long, thick cock. Scott lies back on the bed and Cesar goes to work pleasuring Scott’s manhood. Cesar reaches for the bottle of lube and applies a large amount to Scott’s cock and his ass. He straddles Scott and slowly slides down onto his cock. Cesar soon starts rocking back and forth while Scott begins thrusting from below. Scott rolls Cesar over onto all-fours and kneels behind him. He shoves his cock back into Cesar’s hole and the ass-pounding continues. Ultimately on his back and jacking his cock, Cesar’s eyes roll back in his head as Scott expertly moves his cock in and out of Cesar’s ass. Cesar can’t hold back and he starts shooting cum all over his chest and abs. Scott pulls out just in time to coat Cesar’s balls and cock in a thick, creamy load of his jizz.