Cris and Curtis

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Hunky Cris Denny was sitting at the top of the stairs waiting on Curtis Cameron to arrive. Curtis sits down next to Cris and the two begin kissing passionately. Cris stands and directs Curtis inside where the two quickly strip out of their clothes. Curtis makes a beeline for Cris' thick, uncut cock, working it with his tongue while Cris plays with Curtis' dick. Curtis sits up on the arm of the sofa. He has a tight, lean body. His cock is rock-hard and standing straight up, definitely needing some attention. Cris leans over and sucks down every inch of Curtis' long piece of man-meat. Curtis moves over and straddles Cris, slowly sitting down on his cock. Cris begins power fucking from below while Curtis periodically jacks his hyper stimulated cock. They roll over on the sofa, Curtis lifts one leg and Cris shoves his cock back in and continues the fuck session. Curtis is soon on his back, both legs pushed back with Cris on top shoving his cock deeper into Curtis' tight hole. Curtis starts jacking his dick faster and as his balls tighten, he squirts a thick load of cum coating his crotch and balls. Cris moves on top of him still jerking his thick cock and when he lets go, he explodes jizz all over Curtis and the sofa. Completely exhausted, Cris leans over and gives Curtis a deep kiss before the camera fades to black.