Den and Adam

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Den Fitness meets up with Adam Keller, they hit it off and Den invites Adam back to his place. Adam can't resist as Den seems to be really into him. No sooner does he get Adam in the front door Den drops to his knees, pulls down Adam's shorts and begins stroking Adam's uncut cock. In no time at all Adam goes from flaccid to rock-hard. Den gobbles down every inch of Adam's thick dick, teasing his cock-head with his tongue. Den lays back on the sofa, his cock straining to be free of his underwear. Adam lays down next to him with his head in Den's crotch. Adam grabs ahold of Den's underwear and pushes them to the floor. Den's cock springs straight up and Adam can't get enough, licking and sucking on it like an all-day sucker. Adam turns around and bends over the sofa sticking his hot ass in the air. Den stands up behind him and slowly pushes his engorged cock deep into Adam's tight hole. Adam loosens up quick and Den gets right to the power-fucking. Adam moans loud as each thrust of Den's cock hits his prostate causing Adam some intense pleasure. Den flips Adam over onto his back, pushes his legs back and drives his cock right back in Adam's tight pink hole. The intense fucking resumes and Adam finally touches his own cock. He starts stroking in rhythm with Den's pounding and no sooner does he touch himself than he's blowing a thick wad of creamy jizz all over his hot torso. Den pulls out and stands up next to Adam, aiming his swollen cock at Adam's open mouth. Adam goes down on Den's rock-hard cock and in a matter of seconds Den blows his entire load of jizz into Adam's eager mouth. As Den pulls his cock from Adam's mouth, Adam continues licking the cum-soaked head as remnants of Den's creamy load drip down Adam's chin.