Denis and Raul

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Remastered Classic with Denis Rizzo and Raul Dolce: Denis returns to Badpuppy and brings with him his best friend-with-benefits Raul (before Raul went onto become Florian Mraz / Richter). After the guys flop back onto the bed, Raul flashes Denis a big, beautiful smile, and the two quickly begin kissing and rubbing all over each other's smooth, taut bodies. With soft whispers and moans and labored breathing, soon Denis is stroking Raul's chubby and begins sucking it to full mast. When the guys get fully naked, it's a hard-cock-palooza with back-and-forth licking and sucking. And then in no time, Raul throws Denis' legs back and up, exposing his tight, furry manhole. Raul takes turns rimming and fingering Denis' -- loosening him up for the next phase of their sexcapades. With Denis on all fours and Raul standing behind, Raul slowly slides his hard, uncut, raw cock inside Denis' hot, wet, tight ass. Via some fantastic camera work, we get to see the uber-hot penetrating action with the guys in several different positions until, finally, Raul pulls his raw cock out, and he and Denis, both, blow their hot, creamy loads onto Denis' belly!

Producers' Note: For more than a decade, we have continued to believe that Raul / Florian is, without a doubt, one of the best gay male adult performers throughout the global industry. Here is a guy who, absolutely, loves his job and has never failed to convey that on camera and with his scene partner.

In the comments section below, tell us your favorite Florian Mraz / Richter scene & scene partner. Enjoy! C.B.