Deyman and Rem

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Continuing our Colombian tour, Rem DiMartinz is having a read when Deymon Castillo enters and sits down beside him on the bed. Deymon has a sore neck, and he asks Rem to rub it as he sits up and takes off his shirt. Rem is more than willing and begins massaging Deymon's neck and shoulders. One thing leads to another and very quickly, the two are soon lip-locked, pawing at each other as they slowly strip off each other's clothes. Deymon pulls off Rem's jeans leaving Rem laying there in a tight thong that looks like it's straining to keep Rem's plump cock confined. Deymon frees Rem's thick uncut cock and begins licking Rem's balls and cock-shaft. Rem reaches over and helps Deymon out of his pants and underwear. Deymon's cock is thick, rock-hard and Rem wastes no time going down on him where he eagerly services Deymon's manhood. Rem lies back on the bed, pulls his legs back exposing his tight, hot hole. Deymon dives in pushing his tongue deep into Rem's ass, priming it for his thick uncut dick. Deymon crawls up behind Rem and slowly pushes his cock deep inside. Rem moans with pleasure as Deymon begins pumping faster and harder. Rem grabs his cock and jerks it in rhythm with Deymon's pounding. Our two hot Latin studs fuck their way all over the bed. Deymon starts pounding harder and faster and Rem does the same with his own cock. Rem's breathing deepens and his moaning increases as his body tightens. He can't hold back anymore and blows a thick juicy load all over his tummy as Deymon continues pounding. Once Rem starts shooting his load, Deymon can't hold back, he pulls out and squirts his jizz coating Rem's balls and cock. By the time these two are finished they are completely exhausted but satisfied as they fall into each other's arms for one final kiss.