Deymon Castillo and Xander Gomez

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Jawked on Badpuppy with Deymon Castillo and Xander Gomez: Big dicked Jawked boy Xander Gomez is gazing out of the window at the perfect time. Handsome muscle hunk Deymon Castillo is pausing his morning workout to enjoy a little stretch and the sight of the big guy has Xander groping his big dong in his pants and getting the attention of the guy he's spying on. It turns out Deymon is more than happy to abandon his workout routine for something a little more -- fulfilling. Being such an active guy with testosterone coursing through his body he's quick to accept an offer to head up and join his voyeur, with the two quickly meeting and locking lips on the couch. Deymon can't seem to get enough of that big uncut tool, the moment Xander has it freed from his pants that mouth is on it. You know the cock lust is most definitely mutual, Xander spends a good long while licking and slobbering all over his new buddy's impressive meat before straddling his guest and sliding his ass down on that big shaft. With a little break for some much needed rimming Deymon laps and licks at his new pal's hole and drives his big dong back inside for a spooning fuck that can only take both eager new fuck buddies to their inevitable cum gushes. A good ramming with Xander on his back culminates in a shared jack off, leaving his lean body decorated with the creamy result of their unexpected play. You know Deymon will be stopping by on his morning run more often.