Diego and Angel

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Diego Delmar knew what it would take to get Angel Menfis off the sofa. Unzipping his pants, Diego exposes his already hardening cock. Angel wants what he sees and joins Diego. He grabs ahold of Diego's cock and jerks it slowly before dropping to his knees. Diego pulls up his shirt, showing off his ripped torso and Angel proceeds to work his mouth-magic on Diego's thick, uncut dick. Diego strips out of his clothes, lays back on the sofa and spreads his legs, giving Angel complete access to his body. Angel eagerly takes advantage, running his tongue up and down Diego's shaft before taking it deep into his throat. Diego moans and grips the sofa, his body tensing as Angel works his cock expertly. As the pleasure builds, Diego does not hold back. He cums hard, shooting his load deep into Angel's mouth. Angel eagerly attempts to swallow it all down, then leans back and looks up at Diego with a very satisfied look on his face. And with that, they both collapse onto the sofa, spent and happy.