Donnie and Alex

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Alex Morgan slid closer to Donnie Marco as their hands explored each other’s bodies. They embrace and begin kissing deeply and passionately. Stripped out of their shirts Alex’s hand makes its way down Donnie’s furry chest where he finds a bulge growing in Donnie’s jeans. Alex jumps up and pulls off Donnie’s pants. Donnie’s thick, uncut cock springs straight up and Alex drops to his knees in front of it, swallowing every inch. After an intense blowjob Donnie pulls Alex over to the sofa and has him lie down. He starts licking and kissing his way down Alex’s abs to his shorts, which Alex quickly sheds. Donnie goes to work on Alex’s dick, enjoying every single inch as it tickles the back of his throat. Alex motions for Donnie to join him on the bed. He bends over, sticks his ass up in the air and offers it to Donnie. Donnie wastes no time in filling Alex’s hole and before long he’s pounding the hell out of it. The two of them roll over on the bed and Donnie continues fucking Alex harder and faster. It does not take long before Donnie is ready to blow. He pulls out of Alex’s ass and coats Alex’s balls with a thick load of jizz. Donnie shoves his cock back into Alex’s ass and the ass-fucking continues. Alex grabs his cock and jerks in rhythm with Donnie’s pounding. Donnie hits that sweet spot deep inside Alex causing Alex to lose it and spooge all over himself. Donnie leans up and gives Alex another deep kiss as the camera fades to black.