Donnie and Luky

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Donnie Marco walks in to find Luky Cole staring out the window at the city's roofline as the sun sets in the background. Donnie wants to go out; but, Luky says it's too cold and he'd rather stay in. Donnie doesn't skip a beat and figures he'll get Luky all warmed up. Donnie's physical advances are quickly accepted as Luky turns around and shoves his tongue deep into Donnie's mouth. The two fall back on the bed and Luky helps Donnie out of his shirt and pants before stripping off his own shirt. Donnie begins kissing his way down Luky's abs before pulling down his pants. Donnie lies back on the bed, Luky removes Donnie's underwear and he climbs up and begins deepthroating Donnie's thick, uncut cock. Donnie pushes Luky to stand up and he jerks down Luky's underwear, eagerly gobbling up Luky's juicy piece of man-meat. Luky rolls over onto his knees and points his ass up to Donnie who quickly buries his tongue deep into Luky's sweet, tight asshole. Donnie begins priming Luky's hole and when it's ready he stands and drives his cock deep into Luky's ass. The power-fucking begins and does not stop until Luky blows a thick load of creamy jizz all over himself. Donnie pulls out and squirts an equally impressive load of cum coating Luky's balls and cock.