Finn and Alex

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Hot Latin stud Alex Brown is relaxing on the bed when twinky Finn Harper walks in looking all hot and sexy. Alex pulls Finn close and the two passionately kiss as they strip out of their shirts. They lay back on the bed, both of them pull off their pants. Alex is wearing underwear; but not Finn and once Alex gets a look at Finn's uncut dick, he wastes no time woofing down the whole thing. Alex works his tongue magic on Finn's cock. Finn's eyes roll back several times especially when Alex is gagging because he's got Finn's cock deep-throated as far as he can take it. Alex drops his underwear giving Finn his fair share of the cock-sucking. Apparently, Alex really want's Finn's cock as he quickly rolls over onto all fours with his tight bubble-butt stuck up in the air. Finn takes advantage of this wide-open hole. He fills it with his rock-hard dick and the power-fucking begins. Finn lies back on the bed; Alex mounts his young stallion and he sits right back down on Finn's thick piece of meat. Alex starts bouncing up and down driving Finn's dick deep into his hole. They take a break from the anal fucking so that Finn can face-fuck Alex and then it's back to business as usual. Alex is on his back, legs pulled back and Finn shoves his cock back into Alex's willing hole. Alex grabs his own cock, stroking in rhythm with the pounding he's receiving. Alex starts moaning louder as Finn hits his prostate. Alex's cock blows load after load of thick white jizz all over his ripped, cut abs. Finn pulls out and moves up by Alex's face. He's jerking his cock and immediately it begins squirting thick loads of cum onto Alex's face and lips. Alex licks the creamy goodness from his lips as Finn shoots more jizz down his throat. Alex licks up all the “left-overs” from the head of Finn's cock and then as the camera fades our two spent young men take off for the shower.