Florian Richter

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Florian Richter is laying back on the bed rubbing himself through his pants and shirt. He lifts his shirt exposing a very ripped set of abs. His hand migrates directly to his nipple which he starts pinching quite hard. He kneels up on the bed, strips off his shirt and one hand disappears down his pants into his underwear. Florian unzips his pants with the other hand as he continues to work the ever-growing bulge in his shorts. He slips his rock-hard cock out the side of his underwear and jacks it a few times before rolling over onto his knees. He pulls off his shorts and immediately gets back to the business at hand. He works his thick, uncut cock and his other hand focuses on his balls or tweaking his nipples. Florian spreads his legs, and his fingers slowly probe at his tight young asshole. He rolls back, pushes his legs in the air and shoves his middle finger as deep into his ass as it will go. Florian starts finger-fucking himself, working his hole in rhythm to him jerking his cock. When Florian’s about to bust he kneels on the bed. As his breathing deepens, his dick starts squirting thick globs of jizz all over the bedsheets.