Gregor and Denny

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Hunky Denny Cris is already lying down when Gregor Gilead walks in. Gregor straddles Denny's ass, pulls up the back of Denny's shirt and begins to massage Denny's lower back. Denny moans with pleasure as Gregor's fingers begin working their magic. Denny reaches up to pull off his shirt as Gregor grabs the bottle of massage oil. Gregor pours a healthy amount of oil into his hands and then slowly works it into Denny's tight back muscles. Denny rolls over and after applying a bit more oil, Gregor massages Denny's pecs and chest before slowly working his way down Denny's tummy. Gregor stops to remove his own shirt and then he rips off Denny's underwear. Gregor straddles Denny again taking Denny's massive cock in hand. Denny's uncut dick goes from flaccid to fully rock-hard in a few short seconds. Gregor leans over and licks Denny's cockhead, his tongue working deep into Denny's piss slit. Denny moans and wiggles around as Gregor's tongue works its magic. Gregor swallows up every inch of Denny's thick, uncut manhood and proceeds to give Denny a blowjob while he looks on. Gregor pours some more oil in his hand and then begins stroking Denny's cock which looks like it's ready to explode. Gregor notices Denny's balls start to disappear. He strokes Denny's cock faster and more intently. Denny's body goes rigid and as a long deep moan exits his mouth, his cock spews a thick load of creamy white goodness coating his crotch and Gregor's hand.