Harry Davis

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Cute young ginger Harry Davis strips down to his underwear and lays back on the bed. One hand starts rubbing the bulge growing in his underwear while the other begins exploring his lean abs and chest. He tweaks his nipples and groans with pleasure. Pulling his legs back, he slips out of his underwear exposing his soft ginger bush surrounding a very long, hard, uncut cock. Harry grabs his dick and starts stroking its entire length. He pulls his legs back and spreads his ass cheeks showing off his tight, pink hole. Rolling over onto his knees Harry sticks his ass straight up inviting us to come in for a closer look. Makes you just want to fill it with something, doesn't it? He lays back on the bed and continues jacking his cock even harder and faster. His balls are bouncing fast and furious as Harry starts breathing heavy. His entire body goes rigid and his balls all but disappear as our ginger twink dumps a thick load of his creamy white jizz all over his stomach and chest.