Henry and Andre

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Henry Wilcox finishes setting up the massage table just as Andre Glass arrives. Henry has him strip down to his underwear and lay face-down on the table. Henry begins working Andre's neck and back muscles. He slowly works his way down Andre's back and when he gets to Andre's underwear Henry slips his hands beneath the elastic band and slips the underwear off in one quick motion. Henry slips off his own shirt and then focuses his attention on Andre's tight ass. He slowly kneads each ass-cheek and as he pulls Andre's cheeks apart he teases Andre's hole with his fingers. Andre's uncut cock shows signs of life and Henry starts rubbing Andre's cock-head which is just peeking out of the foreskin. Apparently, Henry is getting turned on as well because he keeps rubbing the bulge in his pants. Henry takes ahold of Andre's foot and massages it gently. He takes time to focus on each of Andre's toes. Henry has Andre roll over on the table only to discover that Andre's cock is now plump and ready for its massage. Henry grabs onto Andre's dick with one hand and gently massages his balls with the other. Henry leans over, his lips growing close to Andre's thick piece of meat. Henry stops massaging Andre's cock and slides his mouth down over the shaft. He swallows Andre's cock feeling the entire length of it go down his throat. Henry reaches back for the oil, applies a liberal amount to Andre's cock and starts jacking it with both hands. The look on Andre's face tells me that he must be getting close. As Henry jerks faster, Andre's body tightens up and his breathing gets very deep. His balls all but disappear as he blows a thick juicy load of cum coating his cock and Henry's hand.