Ivan and Christian

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Jawked on Badpuppy: Ivan Kolos is enjoying a snooze when horny friend Christian Hermes arrives and decides to help himself to his buddy's swollen cock in his jeans. Clearly Ivan isn't reluctant, being roused with the offer of a blow job from a friend isn't something a horny Jawked boy like him can refuse. His cock is rigid and leaking precum the moment his friend has the head in his experienced mouth. He strips naked and lays back to enjoy it but we already know it's not going to be a simple sucking. Being such a horny straight jock who can't say no to a good warm hole his meat is soon sliding in and filling up Christian's pucker. He's a dominant kind of guy who loves to take control of any situation. Fucking his buddy on his back and giving Christian a ride on his engorged meat he pounds his pal deep and hard, finishing up with a spooning, his balls swinging and slapping with the thrusts of his hips. Christian is loving it, jacking his own big cock while he enjoys the pleasure of such a powerful dick in his ass. With his load pumping from his tip Christian takes a splashing from Ivan's desperate erection, his muscle lad cock juice splashing all over his thigh in a big release. He sure isn't mad about being woken from his sleep for this.