Jack and Koby

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Jack Taylor and Koby Lewis return to Badpuppy in a hot action video that starts with a quite amusing interview of the two; but, gets cut short when Koby admits that he really, really wants to see Jack’s cock. Koby admits that while he has seen Jack’s dick; but, it’s never been in close enough proximity to Koby’s face. Jack immediately stands up and tells Koby that it’s time to change that. Koby drops to his knees, unbuttons and pulls down Jack’s pants. Jack’s cock is already bulging in his underwear which Koby quickly pulls down around Jacks ankles. Koby swallows every bit of Jack’s cock and goes to giving Jack what appears to be a most incredible blowjob. You can always tell a guy loves sucking cock when they are gagging because they can’t get any more in their mouth. Jack motions for Koby to sit back on the sofa when he returns the dick sucking favor; and, then some. The two wind up in a unique sixty-nine and again you’d think these two were going to gag trying to swallow each other’s cocks. Koby rolls over and sticks his ass in the air. Jack grabs a bottle of lube, squirts some into his hand and onto his cock. Before Jack even gets behind Koby, Koby is backing up right onto Jack’s cock. Koby starts grinding like there is no tomorrow and Jack really starts getting into it. Jack literally pounds away at Koby and Koby loves every inch of it. This intense fuck session climaxes with Koby blowing a thick juicy load all over his chest as Jack continues fucking his ass. Jack pulls out and his cock starts squirting almost immediately; coating Koby’s chest and abs with even more jizz.