James Huck

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We last saw James Huck on Badpuppy last February in his duo with Tony Hall, and this time around it’s just James in all of sexy, studly splendor. Sitting back on the sofa James slowly takes off his shirt and shorts. His body is incredible. He grabs a bottle of lube, opens it and squirts a healthy amount onto his chest. He slides his way off the sofa, onto the floor where he kneels and begins to sensually rub the oil into his ripped six-pack abs and chest. Periodically his hands slip down to feel his cock; still confined in his underwear. He slips off his underwear, sits down on the sofa, grabs his cock and begins stroking. I can tell he’s a little nervous; but, once he gets over the fact that there are cameras pointed at him his cock gets rock hard. He pounds at his dick long and hard, periodically pulling his legs back so he can get his fingers up his ass; teasing his hole everything his finger went in. When he’s ready to get off; James lies back on the sofa and squirts a generous load of cum all over those rock-hard abs of his.