Jason Sterling

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Jason Sterling is back for some alone time. As he slowly strips out of his shirt, his chest, arms, and abs look like he has taken up residence in a gym to further define his smoking-hot body. The bulge in his underwear is quite pronounced when his slacks slide to the floor. Taking off his boxers reveals a long, thick, uncut piece of man-meat. With hard cock in hand, Jason settles onto a cushion on the floor, and he begins giving his dick its own version of a workout. He licks his hands to help lube his cock, spins around, and puts his legs up on the sofa. As he continues to jack off, Jason’s nuts grow tight. Getting closer to cumming, Jason gets up off the cushion, moves back to the sofa, and again jerks his cock. As soon as he’s lying back, Jason’s body tenses and thick gobs of creamy cum squirt all over his stomach.