Jeremy and Mark

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Today, Badpuppy is pleased to bring you two hot Czech twinks, Jeremy Robbins and Mark Troy. Jeremy is taking a nap, and he must be having a very erotic dream. We can see his thick, uncut cock peeking out through a hole in his jeans as it strains to break free of its confines. Mark walks in and notices this "peekaboo." He sits down on the bed next to Jeremy, and starts rubbing Jeremy's growing manhood - awakening Jeremy. They begin to kiss, as Mark helps Jeremy remove his tank top and pull down his jeans. Jeremy's cock immediately springs to attention, and Mark wastes no time grabbing it and giving Jeremy an expert blowjob. Mark then quickly gets undressed, as Jeremy returns the favor and starts sucking on Mark's expanding uncut sausage. After a few minutes of this, Mark is ready for more. He rolls over, kneels on the bed with his ass in the air, inviting Jeremy to prep his hole for a good fuck. Jeremy gives Mark a thorough rimming, lubing Mark's tight hole for what's to come next. Unable to wait any longer, Jeremy then moves in behind Mark, and mounts him with his rock-hard probe. They fuck like this for a while, and then change positions. Jeremy lies back on the bed with his cock pointing straight up, as Mark eases himself down on Jeremy’s steel rod and mounts it from the top. Mark bounces up and down on Jeremy's hard pole, all the while maintaining his own rock-hard erection. After several minutes of this, Jeremy wants better access and flips Mark over on his back, lifts his legs in the air, and then resumes fucking him. Mark frantically jerks his own cock while Jeremy continues to plow him, and we can tell by Mark's tightening nuts that he is getting close. Finally, Mark reaches the edge and starts spewing hot cum all over his abs and stomach. This puts Jeremy over the top; he quickly pulls out, as Mark starts sucking on Jeremy's cock while he's cumming - tasting the sweet jizz as it oozes from his mouth and drips down his chin. The two then share a passionate cum soaked kiss as the scene fades to black.