Joel Vargas

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Joel Vargas gets to soccer practice early, way before anyone else, and he finds the locker room empty. The faint musky smell of other hot young athletes still permeated the room. With no one there and nothing else to do; Joel decides to escape the boredom and heat by ditching his clothes. He sensuously strips off his shorts; erotically massaging his body as he does. His already stimulated cock grows thicker and stiffer inside his shorts. When he pulls his shorts down over his cock it is rigid and standing straight at attention. Joel lies back on the bench and starts jerking his thick piece of meat. He definitely knows how to turn himself on. He pounds his cock with one hand and massages either his chest or that sweet ass of his with the other hand. As his body tightens so do his balls; and, then he let’s go of loads and loads of thick creamy jizz spraying all over his chest and six-pack abs.