Johnny Hunter

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Johnny Hunter comes in from swimming in the pool and after being out in the sun he’s all worked up and ready for some playtime. Johnny slips out of his swimsuit, his huge cock already aroused and, on its way, to pointing straight up. He lays back on the table and begins stroking his dick, his big ole’ nuts look full and are hanging low. Johnny licks his fingers and starts teasing his hole before reaching behind the table and pulling out a big black dildo. After affixing the dildo to the table Johnny proceeds to sit down on it and soon, he’s bouncing up and down on it while jerking his huge piece of meat. The dildo is hitting just that right spot deep inside Johnny and he starts moaning louder and faster. His nuts tighten as his breathing deepens and soon his cock is squirting a thick load of jizz all over him and onto the table below. With a satisfied smile Johnny licks the sweet cum from his fingers before sliding the dildo from his ass.