Josh and Roman

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We find our two sexy twinks, Josh Cavalin and Roman Capellini, taking a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Roman wakes first after an incredibly horny dream, he was getting fucked by his favorite hung superhero and wakes up feeling like he needs something solid and real up his ass. Josh is still sleeping, but Roman happens to have a large dildo in his nightstand which he pulls out. He very quietly pulls his pants down partway, lubes up the dildo with a little spit, and slowly shoves it up his tight, pink tunnel. He can barely contain his moans as he works the dildo in and out, and he's already hard from the stimulation. Josh finally wakes up and sees what his boyfriend is up to, and watches silently for a few moments while rubbing the growing bulge in his pants. Roman looks over and realizes that Josh is awake and watching, he's a little startled and pulls out the dildo. Josh grins and says "don't stop", and helps his partner reinsert the fuck toy. Josh works the dildo in and out with one hand, while jerking Roman's rock-hard cock with the other. Josh starts sucking on Roman's uncut sausage, and Roman is so turned on that his balls are already drawn up close to his body. Josh decides he has something better to fuck Roman with, so he removes the dildo and then pulls off Roman's pants the rest of the way. Josh returns to giving Roman an expert blowjob, but Roman wants Josh inside of him and helps Josh to undress. Roman then pulls down Josh's jockstrap, and starts sucking on Josh's already hard cock. After a few minutes of this, Josh is ready for the main event, so he positions Roman on his side, and starts rimming him to get him lubed up for what's to come. He gives Roman a good tongue-fucking, as Roman moans with pleasure. Roman whispers "fuck me, fuck me", and Josh doesn't need any more prompting than that. Josh points his steel missile at Roman's target, and plunges in. They fuck on their sides for a while, then Josh lays back on the bed and guides Roman to sit down on his shaft for some "ride my hard pole" action. Roman bounces up and down on Josh's human dildo, while his own hard cock thrashes about with each rise and fall. Josh then rolls Roman over onto his back, lifts his legs in the air, and resumes the pummeling as Roman furiously jacks his own cock. Finally, Roman can't take any more and spews shot after shot of hot, creamy cum all over his abs and chest. This triggers Josh, who pulls out and quickly moves up over Roman's face, to give Roman a nice hot facial. Roman starts licking Josh's balls while Josh continues to jack off, and this is just enough to push Josh over the edge as he shoots his spunk all over Roman's face, and tongue. Roman licks off the remaining jizz from Josh’s still twitching cock, enjoying every tasty drop. Completely spent, the two studs kiss passionately as the scene fades to black.