Lance Hart

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Lance Hart makes a return to Badpuppy performing in a really hot solo; showing off that incredibly sculpted body of his. We fade in on Lance admiring the way he looks in the mirror. His white tank top and underwear are skin-tight and there is not much left to the imagination; his manhood already in a state or arousal. Lance slowly lifts his tank top, revealing his ripped six pack and rock hard pecs. As he slowly undresses, he keeps an eye on himself in the mirror. I just love a guy who can grove on himself. As he continues to rub his chest and abs, Lance grabs his cock and starts stroking. As the video continues and Lance continues to stroke, the more aroused he becomes. His body tightens as he gets close. His nuts almost disappear as his cock starts spurting a thick load of creamy cum all over his tummy and abs. His cock is sensitive after he cums; but, he squeezes the remnants of cum still left inside his cock onto his fingers and licks them clean.