Leo Rex

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Leo Rex can’t keep his hands off himself the entire interview, and it seems like he’s always feeling himself up. Well, after the interview, Leo takes off his shirt, and we find out why. He has a lean, tight torso, and his arms looks like he works out every day. He stands up and strips off his shorts while pausing to give the camera a close-up view of his tight ass. Leo sits back down on the sofa, grabs his long, rock-hard cock, and starts jacking. He lifts his legs, holding them in a perfect “V” shape, and his fingers begin working his hole as he continues jerking his dick with the other hand. Leo moves to the end of the sofa nearest the mirror. Obviously into his reflection, Leo jerks off while staring at himself in the mirror. As he settles back on the sofa, Leo starts jacking his cock even faster. His breathing increases as his balls disappear, and his dicks starts squirting loads of creamy jizz all over his crotch and abs.