Lex and Alex

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Lex Moore and Alex Blade return home all horned up. They don't make it past the sofa before they are lip-locked, pawing at each other and helping each other out of their respective shirts. Alex grabs the huge bulge in Lex's jeans and starts rubbing. In no time at all underwear and jeans are on the floor and Alex is on his knees blowing Lex's thick, uncut cock. Alex reaches down and pulls off his own underwear. His cock is rock-hard and standing at full attention. Alex stands and straddles Lex's leg. He puts their two cocks in his hand and begins stroking both of them at the same time. Alex repositions himself over top of Lex's raging boner. He sits down on it slowly, enjoying every inch of Lex's cock as it pushes deeper into his ass. It's not long before Alex is bouncing up and down, riding Lex's dick, leaning forward for the periodic kiss. Alex rolls over onto all fours with his ass in the air. He licks his hand and lubes up Lex's cock before Lex drives it back into his waiting hole. Lex continues to pound hard and fast. Alex's cock is fully erect from the stimulation and swings back and forth with every one of Lex's strokes. Alex's face grimaces with pleasure every time Lex hits bottom. All the fucking is about to send Lex over the edge. He pulls out and begins stroking his engorged cock with his hand. Lex's cock erupts, squirting thick wads of creamy jizz all over Alex's tight ass and up onto his back. Alex rolls over, grabs his own cock and proceeds to finish himself off coating himself in a gooey white mess.