Lior and Sammy

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Lior Hod was chilling out on the sofa, reading a magazine when a very horny Sammy Trakuza walks in and flat out asks Lior if he wants to have sex. Lior throws the magazine to the side, slides out of his jeans and offers his thick, uncut cock to Sammy. With both of their cocks stiff as boards, they quickly strip out of their clothes and Sammy wastes no time gobbling up Lior’s rock-hard dick. When Lior’s cock is wet enough Sammy bends over in front of him. Lior pushes slow at first; but, soon drives his thick piece of meat all the way into Sammy’s tight hole. They go at it doggie-style for quite a while; but Sammy wants to switch things up. He has Lior sit down on the sofa before he sits down on Lior’s cock. Then he begins riding up and down while Lior just sits back and enjoys the feeling of Sammy’s tight ass on his cock. Lior is soon side by side with Sammy, still pounding away at his ass. Sammy grabs his cock, starts jacking and that brings things to a head. Sammy starts squirting cum all over his abs and then Lior finishes off by coating Sammy’s chest in a healthy layer of hot, sticky jizz.